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Community Sewing (formally known as Community Service)

For up-to-date information, contact:
Jan Cannon: 456-1311 or Elaine Thompson-McGee: 488-4002

We currently have quilts that need to be given to long arm quilters. I really would like to encourage those of you with long arm machines to take a quilt and do it at your convenience, and then bring to me when you can, either at the meeting, or give me a call. Please remember that the Guild board met and decided on the following pricing guidelines, for those of you who might be willing to help out:

  • Only the Community Sewing Chairperson or Co-Chairperson may take quilts to a longarm quilter
  • Quilts that are no larger than 85x85 so they will fit onto 90x90 batting
  • .008 for close stippling NOT to exceed $100/quilt; this should easily cover the quilts for the size above
We very graciously thank those of you who have volunteered your time and talents to quilting, but we know that everyone with a machine may not be able to donate. This is specifically why the above pricing guidelines were set up, and we do encourage you to come forward. And what a great way to practice, if you and your long arm are just getting acquainted.



Third Tuesday of the Month at
Faith Baptist Church
910 Chena Pump Road

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